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There is no one-size-fits-all in the world of intelligent, future-ready Loyalty.


Take a look at how Loyalty works in various industries, efficiently and profitably.

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How many bank customers use a single source for their financial needs?
With increased digital management of finances, there is an opportunity to engage with customers daily and with a good pan bank Loyalty strategy, it can be an investment that delivers a huge return.
Turn your Loyalty cost center into a profit center with a well-designed Loyalty strategy.


Our financial services Loyalty programs can retain and empower customers, helped by our accelerator networks.


Use our tools and solutions to add unique value, incentivise profitable behaviors, and expand your reach.


Use Loyalty to differentiate your card or payments product.
Our ecosystem and accelerator networks help create additional value to customer relationships and encourage usage and recall, making your brand the preferred payment choice.
Build a data driven business strategy with Loyalty at its core and expand your revenue sources, profitably.

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Loyalty Rewards that guests can’t get enough of with personalized experiences that keep them coming back.

Create engagement at the POS, online, and beyond, and master guest relationship with data driven Loyalty and subscription programs.


Optimizing channels while integrating the human touch is challenging when customer data is fragmented across e-commerce, in store, market-places and third party retailers. 

But Fashion and Beauty brands must optimize the channel mix while integrating the human touch. These Loyalty programs must use robust first-party data, create and engage communities that build lasting relationships and deliver accelerated growth.


Footfalls and conversions have always been challenging with dependencies on discounts and sales to achieve growth in revenue.


True Loyalty is dying with a proliferation of brands, e-commerce and home delivery penetrating customer lives aggressively.


Use solutions like Subscription programs, service augmentation and omni-channel Loyalty to engage and reward profitable behaviors and create sustainable growth.

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The travel and hospitality industry have been models for marquee Loyalty programs.


Seamless customer experience, integrated with Loyalty create a path for growth through differentiation and committed customer behaviors.

In a price sensitive competitive environment, Loyalty gives the competitive edge to provide additional value and help manage challenges.


Make the time spent at the airport more rewarding by integrating rewards for shopping, dining and services.


Extend the engagement and privilege into affiliate partners and services that make it easy and pleasurable as a member with our ecosystem propositions.


Buy, Earn, Fly…and much more.


Ensure a constant stream of revenue with Media Loyalty Programs.

Today’s consumers have an explosion of media options. But there are few anchor brands that own mindshare and clicks and have an almost monopolistic presence.


The competitive environment for Media companies have made data critical in its role in reducing churn and improving ROI. Loyalty enables media companies to deliver individualized content, ads, and experiences—helping them to stand out, retain subscribers and boost advertiser returns.

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Design and execute personalized Loyalty programs and marketing campaigns to help telecom brands reduce churn and increase ARPU. 

Manage complex business rules and offers.

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