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Making a loyalty program that works!

You hold the cards and subscriptions to so many loyalty & rewards programs from across industries. Credit cards, food delivery apps, e-commerce stores, so on and so forth! But do you really make the best use of it? Or does it give you, what Ajay Row's mother says, 'The Broken Toaster'? And more importantly, do loyalty programs really work?

Find out in this interesting conversation with the guru of loyalty & direct marketing, Ajay Row. He shares anecdotes from his experience of over 25+ year on good and bad loyalty programs, and the best part - tips on how to build one that works!

Here's the full map of the conversation:

00:00:00 - Introduction

00:01:41 - Do loyalty programmes work?

00:21:15 - Managing points, currency in loyalty programmes

00:29:00 - A story of retail loyalty done right

00:35:33 - Is any Indian loyalty programme that does it right

00:43:18 - The Rose Garden in the middle of a Cement plant

00:46:00 - Loyalty programmes are about habit

00:49:30 - Lester Wunderman's life & book

00:53:35 - Why do companies get loyalty programmes wrong?

00:54:55 - How to start a loyalty programme

00:56:30 - Are Loyalty programmes dying?

00:59:00 - Last words

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